Appropriate Adult

Appropriate Adult

Chortle Award nominated Kiri thinks the world revolves around her but she didn’t let that stop her wishing to mentor vulnerable kids. Consequently, she’s going to be extremely careful what she wishes for in future.

An immoral comedian’s morality tale about other people’s lack of morals.

“It’s a frank, funny – and, yes, feminist – hour that inspired howls of recognition….a gripping tale of lost innocence that will have your heart in your mouth.” – The Telegraph

This feels like a precision-tooled set It’s pacey and lean; no opportunity is missed for a second laugh to build upon the first; every joke comes with a just-as-funny aside…powerhouse standup” – The Guardian


“as brave as it’s boisterously funny”- The List


I’m going to be taking my show on a wee tour and it would be lovely to see you there.

October 7th – The West End Centre – Aldershot

October 17th – The Newcastle Stand 

January 18th – Redhouse – Merthyr Tydfil

January 19th – Theatrau Sir Gar – Llanelli

January 20th – Theatrau Sir Gar – Ammanford Miners

January 22nd – The Glasgow Stand

January 23rd – The Edinburgh Stand

February 12th – 17th – Soho Theatre

February 24th – Cambridge Junction

March 15th – Pontio

March 17th – Millennium Centre – Cardiff

March 24th – The Bike shed – Exeter

March 31st – Brewery Arts Centre – Kendal

April 7th –  Firebug – Leicester

April 19th – Old Fire Station – Carlisle

April 26th – Mac – Birmingham

May 12th – Lancaster