October 8th 2014

October 8th 2014

We’re on the bloody wireless!

That’s right, you might have missed it because they tucked is away at 11pm on Radio 4 but Gein’s Family Giftshop were on the bloody radio as part of “Fresh From the Fringe”.

To let you behind the curtain somewhat we got loads of free Domino’s Pizzas (it was a Tuesday) and at the end of recording when we were heading to the pub I asked for a binbag – to clean the empty boxes up – they assumed I wanted one so I could take the uneaten pizza with me and there was a very pregnant pause before I realised and explained myself. Also, I wasn’t allowed to clean up because “there are people who are paid to do this sort of thing”. So that’s where the license fee goes.

Want to hear us talk about poop on the radio? Listen here.


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